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martes, 16 de enero de 2007

Zappa Confluentus is a goby...

Zappa Confluentus is a goby...
For more information on the Gobiidae, see the Science page.
The genus Zappa is apparantly distinguishable from all other members of the subfamily [Oxudercinae] in having "the first spinous dorsal fin pterygiophore bent posteriorly at a point three quarters along its length to extend horizontally over tip of fourth neural spine." [Edward O. Murdy, op. cit.]
And here's a picture of Z. confluentus him (or her) self!
"I don't see much resemblance in the picture to Frank himself- but I never did have a chance to see which way Frank's spinous dorsal fin pterygiophore was bent . . ." [David Ocker, email to author]
So, it looks like you'll have to make a trip to Papua New Guinea to see Zappa confluentus in its natural habitat. I'm sure any Zappa fans in the vicinity of the Fly River will be glad to show you around!

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