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lunes, 8 de enero de 2007

Frank Zappa & Michael Nesmith de The Monkees

Frank Zappa & Michael Nesmith de The Monkees

Michael Nesmith de Los Monkees habla con frank Zappa intercambiando roles
Zappa es Michael Nesmith y Nesmith es Frank Zappa
member of the band was asked to have a favourite artist do a cameo, Mike Nesmith chose Zappa, Micky Dolenz chose Tim Buckley, Davey chose Charlie Smalls, and Peter Tork chose Pete Seeger (who was unavailable).

In the opening 5 minutes of episode 57 (Monkees Blow Their Minds), Zappa and Nesmith reverse roles and conduct a mock interview.

This ends with Nesmith conducting Zappa while he destroys a car with "Mother People" playing in the background.The rest of the episode is a typical Monkees jaunt, but Burgess Meredith makes an appearance in his familiar Batman role as The Penguin.

Photo by Henry Diltz.

Video here

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